Tippmann A5 Mg42
Tippmann 98 Mg42
MG-42 #Mg4201
This is a 1:1 scale kit that can fit most any style of paintball marker.
The kit is made from .090 vacuum formed HIP and has a working
bipod. Kit measures 47 inches long. Any paintball marker other than
the STOCK Tippmann Pro Carbine, Tippmann A5, Tippmann
98/98c, BT4, Stingray,  Spyder One or Spyder Imagine would need
to be sent in for the custom fitting. Email us to see if your marker
can be fit into the Mg42 kit.
PRICE $150.00
The MG42 has two add-on options for the kit.
1. The cooling barrel holes can be removed to show the inner barrel.
2. The front sight can be made to flip up.

PRICE $10.00 (cooling holes removed) #Mg4202
Price $10.00 (flip-up front sight) #Mg4203
Custom fit 98 with cyclone feed