Mg34 Version 2
MG34 UNBUILT (V2) #Mg34v201
This 1:1 scale Mg34 uses all real parts
for the master mold. The unbuilt Mg34
comes with the parts shown made from
.060 vacuum formed HIP.
1 Cooling barrel
1 Receiver section with buttstock /grip
1 Top cover
1 Feed tray
1 Rear sight
PRICE $85.00
MG34 DELUXE (V2) #Mg34v202
This is a 1:1 scale replica of the Mg34
made from .060 HIP. Comes built and
painted and is 47" long. Cooling holes
are removed to see the inner barrel.
(non-working bipod not included)
PRICE $165.00
This is a 1:1 scale bipod using a real
Mg34 bipod as the master mold. The
bipod is non-working and is in the
folded up positon. Comes unbuilt and
unpainted unless ordered with the
deluxe Mg34v2
PRICE $10.00